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A great, big thank you to the many people who helped make my book possible:

​First and foremost to my beloved daughter, Siu-Ling, who introduced me to the magnificent, awe-inspiring Inuit Dog. Siu-Ling stood by my side with her sage advice and comments, encouragement, love, and support, during my writing journey.

  • My husband, Bing, for putting up with my many late nights in front of the computer.

  • My sons Jeff and Tim, for their enduring love and support.

  • Jessica Lee Anderson my instructor at the Institute of Children's Literature who believed in me.

  • My publisher and Editor, Denise Flaim.

  • Inuit Elder Elijah Padluq and his wife Jeannie of Kimmirut, NU, who used to travel and hunt with their team of Inuit Dogs more than 50 years ago, for sharing his adventures and experiences as a polar bear hunter.  

  • Kathy Martha Padluq, Elijah's and Jeannie's daughter, who accompanied me to Kimmirut and did the translation and interpretation from Inuktitut into English when I interviewed her father.

  • Siu-Ling's dog teaming friends in Iqaluit and Kuujjuaq: Ken MacRury (now living in Chester, NS) who patiently reviewed my manuscript over and over again. Matty McNair, Paul Crowley, Lynn Peplinski, Shari Fox (formerly of Clyde River, NU) - all of whom went over my manuscript, advised me and shared their knowledge and experiences with Inuit Dogs with me.

  • Thanks also to Andrew Maher, Shannon Hessian, David Abernethy and, of course, Allen Gordon of Kuujjuaq, QC, who wrote the Foreword to my book.

  • Sue and Mark Hamilton of "The Fan Hitch" kindly provided me with all kinds of information. advice, and photographs. I especially thank Sue for her patience, comments, and suggestions while going over my manuscript over and over again.

  • Bill Carpenter, also known as Qimmiliriji, the Dog Man, who kindly reviewed my manuscript and shared his personal story about the creation of the Canadian Eskimo Dog Research Foundation with me.

  • Brent Boddy, a polar adventurer and member of Will Steger's International Polar Expedition who reached the North Pole without resupply in 1986 with teammates, Richard Weber, Paul Schurke, Bob McKerrow, Bob Mantell, and Ann Bancroft. Brent explained how Inuit Dogs differed from the polar Huskies on that expedition.

  • Chris Douglas of the Pirurvik Centre for Inuit language provided linguistic advice about the use of Inuktitut words.

  • Lynn Peplinski of the Inuit Heritage Trust for her love and support, and for consulting with Inuk colleague, Sepora Ungalaq, about the correct spelling and translation of Inuktitut words.

  • Nathalie Mathieu of Library and Archives Canada, and Erin Gurski and Vincent Lafond of the  Canadian Museum of History for their help in providing me with archival photographs.

  • Debbie McAllister, one of Siu-Ling's closest friends who went on the 1,000+ km trek along the east coast of Baffin Island with Siu-Ling, Matty McNair, and Connie Maley to celebrate Siu-Ling's five cancer-free years. Debbie supplied most of the photos for my book.

  • Madeleine Cole, Isabelle Dubois, Pierre Dunnigan, Shari Fox, Thomas Godfrey, Allen Gordon, Elise Maltinsky for sharing their photos with me.

  • Kari Herbert, daughter of famous British explorer Sir Wally Herbert, for permission to use a painting by her father.

  • Looqi Schmidt of Greenland for sharing his beautiful photos of Greenland Dogs.

  • Germaine Arnaktauyok, a well-known Inuk artist, for her watercolour painting of an Inuit Dog team entitled "Rough Ice."

  • To all professional photographers who generously shared their photos with me: Mike Beedell of Chelsea, QC, Clare Kines and Fred Lemire of Iqaluit, NU, and Ed Maruyama whose beautiful photo of Siu-Ling and her team graces my home page.

  • Thanks to Inukshuk Aksalnik of the Qikiqtani Inuit Association for permission to use quotes from the Qikiqtani Truth Commission Reports.

  • Last but not least, thank you to my lovely granddaughter, Yi Zhen Han, who helped in the creation of this website.

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